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DocXsite is a website builder, CMS, hosting system and a marketplace platform. It’s a platform where users can create, host, market, and develop stunning and professional web pages on a technology that has never been seen before.

DocXsite connects with various types of users all together to create, host, market, and develop stunning and professional web pages. Whether a seasoned professional in web/app developing, or a novice when it comes to computer technology, DocXsite has all the tools needed to build a successful website.

It's all about the simplicity of our system. We have found a way to make website building faster than ever before. Anyone, whether a novice or an expert, can choose a template, fill in basic information and create a website within as little as 60 seconds, DocXsite will notify the user with an email or a text with a customized website fully functioning and ready to go. It cannot get easier than this!

What does DocXsite stand for?

What does DocXsite stand for?

    What does DocXsite stand for?

Originally DocXsite impaired with word document to collect users data to create user’s website.

“Docx” is the word extension powered by xml. Word document is industry standard with common use of most computer users:

“Site” stands for website driven by HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

DocXsite’s Core Technology Background

Technology Background

    Technology Background?

Live View Engine

Unlike static websites, DocXsite Live View Engine introduces a lightweight solution to build dynamic web pages content.

The DocXsite Live View Engine interpret instructions on the fly and serves the results (HTML,CSS, JAVASCRIPT) to the user’s browser in a split of a second. It uses cached dynamic variables array which accelerates the rendering process of the web pages.

The DocxDB is where the data is stored and translated into JSON. It interacts with the web pages without the need of expensive integration to an external databases with APIs.

DocXsite Live View Engine is optimized to work fast and deliver quick results. DocXsite’s server infrastructure utilizes micro services to work with our local controllers to ensure best performance and durability.

How can the DocXsite Live View Engine help? Users can create multi-location websites with hundreds of pages from only a few web pages template structure. With DocXsite Live View technology, user can build a mass array of websites by using master template approach that helps to control depended websites from a single origin.

DocXsite Live View Engine language markup is very simple to be use and maintaine by an average user or entry level developer.

Live Preview Engine

DocXsite Live Preview Engine is a powerful tool to render website preview on the fly. This feature is easy to use for creating landing pages, dynamic iframes, demos, live preview, etc.

Executive Summary

Industry Problem Overview

Core Objectives

    Core Objectives

Computer Skills Heavy Building a website continues to be complex, time consuming, and difficult to navigate, especially to individuals who lack computer knowledge skills.

Lack of Business-Specific Templates Current website platforms offer an abundance of broad and generic template designs that most of the time do not relate to any business/industry or profession. As a result, users must pay thousands of dollars for web developers to custom and build their website.

Low Standard SEO Websites Today, most, if not all, of website platforms do not offer automated tools to create SEO compatible website.

Lack of API Access Most of the website builders don’t offers API integration to their platforms in which limit large organizations, business partners and agencies to work on their platforms.

With DocXsite API Most of the websites are old fashioned and are lacking the solution of Master Template Architecture. For every customer that have invested their time and money on building their website are eventually left behind with an old version website over time.

Mission Statement



DocXsite objective is to industrialize the way of creating websites through a technology that has never been seen before. DocXsite’s advanced technology allow every kind of user, whether an expert or a novice, to create a fully customized website. DocXsite will also include a marketplace for sellers and buyers to interact and earn revenue from purchased items. This business model will provide new opportunities and possibilities for individuals and emerging economies.

Core Objectives

Core Objectives

    Core Objectives

Eeay to Use No Knowledge Required: The majority of the platforms that exist today uses a professional GUI that require a vast computer knowledge to create a simple website. Most users don’t have the required skills to operate with the competitor platforms, which leaves them with no choice but to hire a professional programmer or end up, in most cases, with no solution.

DocXsite is able to eliminate that communication barrier and offer every single user the opportunity to create their own website with a click of a button. Additionally, DocXsite has done it in a way that users do not even require a login. The benefits of this is that we are able to eliminate unnecessary interaction with unskilled users.

Template Specific: DocXsite specializes in creating specific templates for every user in the market. With that being said, for every template that is being created, DocXsite is consistently growing a large selection of custom templates for specific industries that is picked and created by users.

SEO Built-in: DocXsite templates are SEO compliant and have embedded SEO capabilities within the template technology. For the time and money that is being invested on a website that is going to last overtime, customers would need to have a valuable website that can have SEO immunity and functionality.

API Integration: DocXsite build from the ground up using markup language powered by JSON to build HTML website. DocxSite offer rich and simple use of API reference to interact with DocXsite kernel functions. When using the API, programmers will be able to develop their own user interface to deliver custom solutions for their customers.

Master Template Architecture: DocXsite has the solution for users to always stay updated and upgraded after the initial purchase of the template. If users would like to get their website up to date, there will be an option to template subscription.

DocXsite Workflows

Creating New Website

Creating New Website Workflow Diagram

    Creating New Website Workflow Diagram


1. Select Template

Users can select their template from the DocXsite webstore. There is a variety of templates for users to choose from and an option for users to search a specific one in the search bar or browse through the category section. Each template will have the name of its creator and rating (1-5 stars).

2. Preview Template

Previewing the template allows the user to have an insight of their website based on the template and its layout. Previewing the template can be done from the template selection and by clicking the preview button. That will direct the user to a new page where the user can customize the template by changing the font, color scheme, content, etc.

Another technology feature in the preview template gives the user the ability to create a color scheme to the template from uploading the logo image. The user will be able to see what the template will look like in terms of the change of the colors, layouts and fonts.

3. Edit Data

Once the preview is completed, the user will have two options to edit the template: download the template to their computer and edit the data in a word document or edit the data online.

4. Download Docx Template

The user can download the template to their computer as a form of a backup. Once the template is saved to their computer they can edit it and re-submit it to DocXsite.

Email (optional)

1. Send Email

Once the user has finished editing the template, the user will send it to DocXsite will then process and evaluate the Email, validate its information and send a response back to the user.

2. Get Email Response

After sending the Email to DocXsite, the user will receive an Email back indicating the estimated time to how long their website will be ready.

3. Error Notification Message

The Error Notification Message is sent to the user when DocXsite engines recognize an error in the template submitted. The Email will indicate the problem and will specify to the user how to fix it. After fixing the problem, the user will just re-submit the template and wait for a Email with estimated ready time.

4. Getting Email Response to Preview

Once the website is ready, the user will get an Email from DocXsite indicating that their website has been created. In the Email, the user has the option to preview, activate and share their website, or to even to cancel it. If the user wishes to make any modification on the website, they can simply hit the “cancel” button in the Email. When the user has made the desired modification on the word document template, they would have to resend the template back to DocXsite. It is important for users to cancel their first website template attempt before they re-submit a one new.


1. Preview Temporary Website

Before activating the website, users will have the option to Preview Temporary Website and check the way it turned out. After previewing the website, it If the user desire to make modification to the website the user must make the revisions on the template and resend it back to DocXsite.

2. Activate Website

To Activate the Website, the user will click the button “Activate” in the Email where they'll be taken to the activation page on

3. Selecting Hosting Plan

The user will need to select a Hosting Plan to their website in order to activate it. The hosting plan include: Basic plan, SEO booster plan and Pro and Ultimate plan.

4. Checkout

In the Checkout page, the user will purchase the hosting plan as they have selected the template. Once the checkout has been successfully completed, the template will no longer be a “template”;it will then become an “active website”.

5. Getting Email Response - Activated

Users will be receiving the final activation Email from DocXsite. DocXsite will also send out a receipt that will indicate that the user had successfully activated their template to a website and purchased a monthly hosting plan.

6. Preview Expiration

Users have only 48 hours from their initial template submission to activate their website from the Email OR by setting the API manually.

Revise Website

Revising Website Workflow Diagram

Revising Website Workflow Diagram

To make any revisions in the website template after the submission, the user will need to resend the DocXsite template. Revision can also be made in the studio. However, if users chooses to make changes before activating their website, they must cancel the preview website and submit the document by sending it again. Each revision submitted after the first attempt will cost users $5.

1. Edit

Editing the document can be done either online or in word document downloaded to the user’s computer. Once the document is edited to the user’s desire, it can be sent to

2. Email

Emailing the document is the same process as creating the template, the user will just Email the Docx, or the PDF file to and await for an email response from DocXsite. The user will either receive an estimated time of completion response or error notification response. The estimated time to completion response from DocXsite will confirm the user submission has been processed and estimate a waiting time for his website to be completed. The error notification response Email will be sent only if DocXsite system has detected an error in the submission process or an error in the template itself. The Email will include specific information on what the error is and how to fix it accordingly. Once the website is ready, the user will receive an activation Email that will inform the user that his website has been created and is ready to be viewed. In this Email, the user will have the option to preview, activate and share their website, or to cancel it.

3. Checkout

Once the user selected “Activate” in the previous step, they will be redirected to pay the revision fee, which is a flat fee of $5. After the payment has been successfully processed, the website will be up and running with the revisions made.

Customize Template/Website

Customize Template/Website Workflow Diagram

Customize Template/Website Workflow Diagram

Customizing a template can be done by logging in to the control panel and launching the studio. In the studio, the user will be able to physically customize their website and see changes on live. The studio includes many different tools to help the user navigate their website and be in full control. Users can upload their own CSS, HTML, links and pictures. Also, the user can upload files and edit the code inside the file. The user will be able to select the colors and fonts for the website and select any plugin. Along with understanding the design tools in the studio, there are three main sections the user must know how to navigate in order to actually embed the changes to their website. The three main sections are Original Copy, Added Elements, and Deleted Elements. When creating or editing the website, the users are able to see the work occur as they are editing on the right side of the screen.

Original Copy

The Original Copy is the code template.The building blocks of any DocXite must include the following elements:

Added Elements

Any changes that the user would like to make on the website, has to be done on the Added Elements section. If the user wishes to overwrite/edit existing element from the original copy, it must be dragged and dropped to the added element section. By using this type of techniques will ensure that the user can always roll back to the original copy. Also, users are enable to make any modifications/upgrades on the template. If a user wants to edit a page or a widget from the original copy, they will simply select the widget or page and drag and drop it to the added elements section. With that being said, users will be able to edit the codes of the element and publish. The user is able to immediately see any changes being made on the right side of the screen. If a user wants to create a vinyl template, they will create it in the added elements. There are 6 main elements a basic website must have which were Header, Style (CSS), Site Data, Objects, Pages, Footer. In this section, there are several functionality and the usage of each element:

Deleted Elements

In the process of creating or editing the code, a user might want to delete a widget or a page they may not want. In that case, there is the last component called deleted elements. The user will simply select the widget or page they want to remove and then drag and drop it into the the deleted elements box called ” Code deleted.” Once the user completes that process, the widget will remain where it was, until the user selects replace template.


When the user publishes to the web, DocXsite takes the original copy, Added Elements and Deleted Elements and creates the site data with the combination of all the elements.

Creating Template

Creating Template Workflow Diagram

Creating Template Workflow Diagram

The DocXsite marketplace is a place for those who seek business opportunities on the internet. Individuals all around the world can become involved in selling and buying templates and earning revenue from both worlds. In order to create an original template, the user must first download a vinyl template.

Creating New Website

Users have the option to create their own template by downloading the “Vinyl template”. In order for a website to be created users who download the vinyl template must create a Header,Home Page, Footer, Site and CSS_CLASSES. These 5 important components are the basic makeup of the website and must be included in the vinyl template in order for the website to be created.

Customize Template Workflow

Customizing a vinyl template can be done using the studio. Upon creating the website in the studio, the user will need to know what elements are required in the engine in order for it to process. There is a data collector option in the studio that will be the feature for the user to create the template.

Sale Template

Users who have created their own vinyl template have the option to share it on the DocXsite marketplace and earn revenue from it. There are three options when it comes to sharing a vinyl template:

Template Marketing & Revenue Distribution

Template Marketing & Revenue Distribution Diagram

Template Marketing & Revenue Distribution Diagram

Once a creator has finished creating their vinyl template, they may market it on the DocXsite web store. Marketing a template allows website creators to not only showcase their unique website design but to also earn revenue from every template purchased. Each template is sub-licensed by the template owner. The owner of the website can sell it as a whole and/or by widgets or layouts, etc. Website owners have the option to hire recruiters who will promote their website and attract potential clients to purchase their template. Recruiters actively seek new clients to utilize the sellers website by tapping into their clientele list. Referring can be done by sending emails to assist sellers with their website brand awareness. Once they do so, they earn a set commission deal that occurs residually on websites that they have successfully activated. Recruiters are able to cash out easily, as funds that they generate are fully liquid.

Revenue Distribution Chart

DocXsite Seller Recruiter
Template 20% of Total Sale 64% of total sale (80% of remaining commission after DocXsite fee is taken) 16% of total sale (20% of remaining commission after DocXsite fee is taken)
Plugin 20% of Total Sale Same as templates Same as templates
Hosting 80% of Hosting Fee 16% of total Hosting Fee (80% of remaining commission after Hosting fee is taken) 4 % of total Hosting Fee (20% of remaining commission after Hosting fee is taken)
Revision 80% of Hosting Fee Same as Hosting Same as Hosting

Template creators can market their customized vinyl template for other users to purchase. The vinyl template is the only template that can be put on the market for sale after being customized by a creator. Vinyl template creators are the only one to earn revenue from template sales. (80% Owner, 20% DocXsite; view flow chart above). Other templates owned by the creators or by DocXsite may not be put on the market by other users. It is only the owner’s ability to market their template.

System Architecture

DocXsite’s System Architecture Diagram

DocXsite’s System Architecture Diagram

DocXsite System Architect is built from 4 different systems:

Main Controller

DocXsite’s Main Controller Diagram

DocXsite’s Main Controller Diagram

The main controller receives inputs (requests) and assigned jobs to handle tasks. The main controller interaction is with the following adapters: API adapter, SMS adapter, Web store adapter, Email adapter, Hosting controller adapter, Admin console adapter, Billing system adapter, and DocxDB adapter.

For any requests received by the adapter, the main controller creates a job task to the workflow engine and assigned to a processor to handle the task. Once the job is completed, the results stored in the System DB and transfer the system connector where the output is carried out.

Workflow Engine

The Workflow Engine process the job received by the adapter and output the results and instructions into an object that will then transfer to the system DB and the main controller.

System DB

The System DB receives the information that was processed by the Workflow Engine and stores it on the system database. After the information is successfully stored, it is then sent to the system connector.

System Connector

The System Connector receives the information from the Workflow Engine, and responses through the relevant adapter.

Hosting System

DocXsite’s Hosting System Diagram

DocXsite’s Hosting System Diagram

Local Controller

The local controller communicates with the local DB, Status Monitor, Website generator and the Web Engine. Execute task jobs received by the main controller and communicate with the security layer and other components.

Server Status Monitor

The Server Status Monitor its a web page which display the current status of a server (active, inactive, etc.) and any notifications on the server to which the user’s website is hosted on. The Server monitor will notify the user on future server maintenances and other important information that will require the user’s attention.

Website Generator

The website generator create the website data and infrastructure which includes the following:

Dynamic Web Engine

The Dynamic Web Engine loads and executes the instructions of the the website that stored in a JSON object on the local server.


DocXsite’s Marketplace Diagram

DocXsite’s Marketplace Diagram

The DocXsite Marketplace is a place for those who seek business opportunities on the internet. Individuals all around the world can become involved in selling, buying and earning revenue from both worlds. Creators with a vinyl template can list their creation on the DocXsite webstore at any reasonable price point. With any user that chooses to purchase the template, 80% of the sale will go to the creator while the remainder of 20% stays with DocXsite. For example, if the template cost $50, the template creator earns $40 and DocXsite earn $10. The DocXsite marketplace is not only a place for creators to benefit from it, but also for promoters who specializing in sales. Individuals who seek to promote sales , can become recruiters by actively seeking new clients to utilize the seller's website and tapping into their clientele list. Moreover, referring can be done by sending emails to assist creators with their website brand awareness. Once they do so, recruiters earn a set commission on deals that occurs residual on websites that they have successfully been activated. Recruiters are able to cash out easily, as funds that they generate are fully liquid. If a recruiter makes a sell, he receives 20% of the creator’s 80%. For example, if the creator's website template costs $50 and has successfully sold to a user through the recruiter, the creator earns $32 while the recruiter earns $8, and the remainder 20% of the 80% stays with DocXsite,$10.

Listing System

  1. Public: To, where other users can download it.
  2. Unlisted: Any user who gets ahold of the template through an Email invitation may use it and have a template ID.
  3. Private sale: Only for users who are specifically listed on the owner recipient list may utilize it.

Web Store

The first step of getting started with DocXsite is by simply downloading a template from the Template Web Store. DocXsite Template Web Store has a search engine that work with key words that the author chooses in each template. By browsing through the template Web Store, there are various types of templates that the user can choose from that is ranging from a landing page to a full organic website.


The user can activate their website from the activation Email that indicated their website has been created. The Email contains the following options: preview, activate, share, cancel. Moreover, before the user is activating the website, users have the option to preview the website and see how it turned out. As the user clicks on the activate button, the hosting plan will be presented for the website. Once the hosting plan is selected, the user will be proceed to the checkout page. Finally, when the process is completed, an Email will be sent through our Email notification engine with a receipt of the purchase

Plugin Store

Plugins Store is a marketplace where users can purchase new plugins to their website created by other DocXsite users. A user can download multiple plugins all at once or just one at a time. There are widgets, pages and layouts for sale in the plugin store as well.


There are a variety of ways to make a payment on the DocXsite platform. DocXsite ensures that every user is satisfied with the selected payment method. The payment method respects all the major credit card companies, Apple/Google Pay, Paypal and Account Credits. Users can also pay using their available balance. This option is fee less.


All payout will transfer to the bank account that is linked in the control panel. The available balance is the only allow by DocXsite transactions. With that being said, available balance is calculated by the ledger balance.

Revenue Distribution

20% of the purchase goes to DocXsite and the remaining 80% stays with the seller. If the seller is involved with another seller, 20% of the purchase goes to DocXsite, 80% to the first seller, and 20% of the 80% to the second seller involved.

Referral Program

The Referral Program is designed for website creators who desire to extend their consumer outreach and expand their website awareness. Recruiters are actively seeking new clients to utilize in the sellers website by tapping into their clientele list. Referring can be done by sending Emails to consumers to assist sellers with their website awareness. Once they do so, recruiters earn a set of commission that occurs residually on websites that they have successfully activated. Recruiters are able to cash out easily, as funds that they generate are fully liquid.

Admin Console

DocXsite’s Admin Console Diagram

DocXsite’s Admin Console Diagram

The Admin Console is where users manage and control their DocXsite account. The user can make any changes on the website through the studio, whether it is uploading new content, images, changes the color and text of the website, and etc. The admin console is protected by a security layer that keeps the user’s account fully protected at all times against any intruders and foreign objects. The security layer will immediately detect any intruder who attempts to access the admin’s account and will send a verification Email to each login attempt. Through the admin console, users can access the web store and explore listings posted by other users.

In the live preview web engine, users can make changes to their website and preview the changes as they happen. This allows the user to edit their website efficiently as they are able to see results immediately on-the-go. Any changes made in the admin console go through the main controller for execution. The main controller receives all modifications made by the user and executes it by delivering it to the right system. For example, if a user wants to temporarily shut down their website, the main controller receives that request, processes it and delivers it for execution. The main controller is very vital in the DocXsite system architecture as it holds the ultimate power to receive information and process it to other systems.

Account Manager

Traffic Monitor

The Traffic feature allows users to view the overall, daily, and current amount of online visitors to their website. This feature shows the geographic location on a standard map of their visitors to help the user see where most of their visitors are located. This feature is a great way for users to see how interactive their website is on the internet, especially if they utilize SEO for their DocXsite and would like to target a specific region/audience. The traffic feature also has the option for users to open a live chat session with current online visitors and communicate with them if they require any assistance or support.

Status Management

The Status Management feature allows the user to change the current status of their website either temporarily or permanently. Users can either suspend it or delete it completely.

By turning off the website, the user’s DocXsite will be temporarily under maintenance which means that the user will still be able to work on it in the control panel. However, visitors will only be able to see that the “Website is under maintenance” when they visit the site. While the website is under maintenance, the user is still required to pay their monthly hosting plan. To unsuspend a DocXsite, the user will simply click on “Turn website on” and the website will be up and running.

To permanently shut down a website and cancel the DocXsite account, the user will click “Cancel DocXsite”. Canceling the account will essentially delete the user’s DocXsite account and the user will no longer be able to access the control panel or the website. As a result:

  1. Users DocXsite’s data will be erased completely including any texts, uploads, images, etc.,

  2. Users monthly hosting plan will be stopped (No refunds will be issued),

  3. Users will no longer be able to earn any revenue, if the user was a seller on the DocXsite market.

  4. Any templates, plugins, or any product that a user have created will be removed from listing and deleted completely from the market.

Cancel the account on DocXsite will completely erase everything a user has worked on in the control panel. The only way to recover is by re-submit the DocXsite document template and essentially start all over. This action is irreversible.

Contact Requests

The Contact Requests feature include contacts forms submitted by customers from the user’s website. This feature is designed to allow DocXsite users to interact with their customers and to see the inquiry of the customer when they contact them back.

Mailing List

The Mailing list feature is a list of people who have subscribed to a periodic mailing distribution to a users business. Individuals can subscribe to a users mailing list by filling out a form on the users website under “Newsletter” and submitting it. This feature is great for those who hold promotions and special events in their business and aspire to stay in contact with their customers. The Mailing list includes each person's name and Email address and date indicating the time of subscription. Admin of DocXsite can remove a person from mailing list at any time by clicking the “X” button. The mailing list is generated from a build in newsletter widget or from a custom API opt/out.


In the Market feature, users will have the option to share their website on the DocXsite marketplace for other users to enjoy. If a user likes another user’s website, he/she can download the template that the first user’s DocXsite is utilizing and build a website of his own from it. Users have the option to put a price of their website’s template and begin earning money by selling it on the marketplace.


The Upload feature allows users to see all uploads they had inputted to their website, such as images, texts, plugins, etc. The uploads can allow to create, edit, rename, clone, and preview each file.